Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Super Bowl prediction

Winning the Super Bowl isn't necessarily about the best team, but which
one is playing the best football at the right time. We saw it following
the 2010 season when the Packers, whose spot in the playoffs had been
iffy, rolled to three straight postseason road
victories, and then routed the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Last season,
the Giants were 7-7 and left for dead by the side of the

Did the Pistons make a good trade? This is what it depends upon

A couple things about the Pistons' three-way trade with Memphis and Toronto:
- Throw the sentimentality out of the equation. Pistons' president of basketball operations Joe Dumars made two glaring strategic mistakes re-signing Pistons' players from the "Going to Work" era to long-term deals. The worst was Richard Hamilton, but so was re-signing Tayahaun Prince. He just hasn't fit what they have

Naming names that fit the Detroit Lions in the NFL Draft (and beyond the first round)

Desmond Trufant (left) perfect fit for Lions in Round 2

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What will make or break Michigan's Denard Robinson in the NFL Draft

Denard Robinson wasn't exactly outspoken when he played quarterback for Michigan. The one thing he did say that raised eyebrows was claiming he could beat Usain Bolt in the 40-yard dash.

Robinson: 40 time will either open or close NFL eyes

Robinson has run the 100 meters in 10.3. He ran the 60-meter dash in 6.81. Both times border on world-class speed. But it will be his 40-yard dash time

Monday, 28 January 2013

On Michigan getting No.1 ranking in college basketball

John Beilein, Trey Burke, Michigan = No. 1

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Why the Lions must re-think how they view the NFL Draft

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Titus Young and Ndamukong Suh are embarrassing the Lions

There have been no arrests, so the degree hasn't been nearly as bad, but it's still early...
The Lions' off-season hasn't exactly gotten off to an ideal start.
The team has not released wayward wide receiver Titus Young even after:
- He reportedly purposely lined up in the wrong position during a game and was sent home.
- He embarrassed the team upon his return to practice with defiant behavior

Criticism of Tigers' Dombrowski, Leyland has proven to be misguided

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Jim Leyland: There has been a lot more good than bad

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Passive hockey is back in town

Red Wings not looking good so far

My column on Red Wings' home opener:

What do the Tigers do with Brennan Boesch?

Boesch: What's next?

Any way you slice the opening day Tigers' roster, Brennan Boesch is not part of it. Andy Dirks is going to play left. If there is an extra outfielder, who hits from the left side of the plate, it would be more logical to use Quintin Berry because of his speed, and he is a better late-inning defender than Boesch. Or perhaps Don Kelly, who can also play infield, is a better

Stan The Man was everything Lance Armstrong is not

Stan The Man: More than just the numbers

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Monday, 21 January 2013

And so atop the Big Ten standings, there sits Michigan State...

Keith Appling: Has become a terrific player

When the first college basketball polls came out, Indiana was the consensus No. 1 team in the country. Maybe Cody Zeller has not been the dominant presence his press clippings suggested he would be, but he has certainly proved to be one of the best players in the nation, if not the best. Disappointment? Not really. IU lost an emotional game to Butler

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tigers still formidable, but must address these issues

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Austin Jackson: Most underrated player on the Tigers

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Unfortunately, tales of Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o more "real" than "myth"

Armstrong: Not alone as fallen hero

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The NHL is back, so why not enjoy it?

Time for Zetterberg to step up

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A player I wouldn't trade Rick Porcello for (and a player I would)

Trade rumors swirl in baseball like wind during a tornado. Most of the speculation doesn't actually transpire. Yet, it is a reasonable premise the Tigers, despite an upside that is often ignored by impatient fanbase, might trade right-handed starting pitcher Rick Porcello. They have six starting pitchers and only five spots. Drew Smyly did well last season as a rookie. Porcello mostly struggled.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

These NFL playoffs calling out Lions' QB Matthew Stafford - even if he isn't playing

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Matthew Stafford: Other top QBs roaring right by him

Who I see in the Super Bowl and why


                      NFC Championship
San Francisco at Atlanta
The 49ers and Falcons have in common depth,
balance and motivation (it‘s been awhile since either franchise has been to the
Super Bowl). San Francisco has more playmakers defensively (nearly half the
49ers’ defense, five players, made the Pro Bowl), while it’s difficult to find a
more diverse set of

Monday, 14 January 2013

On Michigan's loss to Ohio State

If only Burke's late shot went down

One of the trite things being said about Michigan's 56-53 defeat at Ohio State Sunday is the Wolverines will somehow benefit from the loss, that it was a learning experience that will prove valuable down the road.
I couldn't disagree with that premise more.
Michigan's basketball program, often a source of embarrassment, and at times neglect, since the 1990s,

Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's time for Datsyuk and Zetterberg to step forward

Datysuk, Zetterberg: It's their time

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NFL playoffs the tale of two very different quarterbacks

Kaepernick has been brilliant

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Friday, 11 January 2013

We're about to find out if the Wolverines are special

Burke: Has been even better as a sophomore

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The NFL flavor of the day: college coaches. But why?

The NFL is the ultimate copy cat league, and because Jim Harbaugh went from Stanford to have stunning immediate success with the 49ers, and Greg Schiano left Rutgers and presented a solid base, if not a very good record (9-7) at Tampa Bay, all of a sudden you see NFL teams looking at college coaches to fill head coaching vacancies.
Part of this is a dearth of quality of NFL assistant coaches

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Jack Morris deserved better from Baseball Hall of Fame voters

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Replay my live chat Tuesday on Notre Dame loss, Red Wings and NHL and Michigan basketball

We do this live every week at 1 p.m. Would love to have you join us live and participate next Monday with your questions and comments during the show:

Notre Dame football overrated, over-hyped

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Who is going to win and why in this coming weekend's NFL playoff games

- Baltimore at
Denver: Peyton Manning is one of the football’s all-time great players, and
definitely keyed the Broncos’ climb to NFL elite status, but it is often
forgotten Denver won a playoff game last year with throwing-challenged Tim Tebow
at quarterback. Why? Defense. This time that defense could carry the Broncos to
the Super Bowl. It will be the difference in this game. Denver 28

NHL has lost the trust

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Red Wings victims of NHL

Sunday, 6 January 2013

How to solve the Lions many issues

Johnson deserves a better supporting cast of receivers

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

The problem even if the NHL settles its labor dispute soon

Think about this:
- After nearly eight months off for many of its players, the NHL is planning to cram 48-game schedule in after just eight days of training camp.

NHL fights are much better on ice than off it

- There reportedly will only be games played within the conference. For Red Wings' fans, that will mean a lot of the Columbus Bluejackets. Yippie.
- There is little time for teams to

What should have been didn't happen for MSU, Michigan in 2012

My column:

Dantonio still trying to get ahead of Wolverines

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Michigan more disappointing than distinguished

My column:

Devin Gardner must carry Wolverines in '13

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Michigan, South Carolina, Outback Bowl

- What a gutsy call by Brady Hoke to go for it fourth and one in Michigan territory. But why not? What do the Wolverines have to lose by gambling today? Nothing. But they can win a lot of cache with an improbable victory over a solid SEC team.
- Those were great plays by Devin Gardner on Michigan's TD drive in the third quarter, two on runs, and that was a terrific throw on the TD pass.

Thoughts halftime, Michigan, South Carolina Outback Bowl

- This is a terrific football game. Michigan is hanging tough, and to be honest, I thought the Wolverines would get clocked by South Carolina.
- On Michigan's TD drive, that was the best I've seen Devin Gardner play in a certain sense. This is a truly good defense Michigan is facing today, not Minnesota, Northwestern and Iowa, and he made some big-time throws on the drive, particularly the one

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Michigan, South Carolina

- How many eyebrows were raised when Jon Gruden referred to Michigan's Al Borges as the top offensive coordinator in the country? Whoa. I've defended Borges over much of the ridiculous criticism he has received while working under circumstances with players who are limited, but I do agree that was an overstatement by Mr. ESPN Quarterback Camp.
- We've learned already that Devin Gardner is not